9 Apr 2016

Steamed Kadubu

Akki Kadubu

One of the  fond food memories of my childhood was Sunday brunches when mom made akki kadubu with chicken curry
Then we all went away to hostels for further studies. Sunday brunches reduced
But whenever we came back home for holidays mom made a habit of making those special dishes for us and that meant coming home to a feast..
Akki Kadubua, a traditional Malenadu cuisine is basically Indian streamed rice flour dumpling  best paired with chicken/mutton curry, coconut chutney with ghee.


Rice thari- 1 cup
Water- 2 cups
Coarsely ground coconut- 2tbsp

1. Soak rice in water for half an hour, draina and let it sit for 45mins. coarsely grind it in the food processor to sooji consistency
2. In another thick bottomed vessel bring water to boil
3. Add the thari slowly into the water while mixing continuously along with coconut.
4. Bring the batter into a dough consistency while stirring thoroughly. take it off the heat and allow to cool slightly
5. slightly wet you palm and shape the dough into balls
6. place in a idly steamer or pressure cooker without the weight and steam for about 20 mins on medium to low heat
7. After turning off the heat allow it to cool for 5-10 mins and serve with coconut chutney and ghee or with chicken/mutton curry
8. Nom nom

2 Feb 2015

Falafel With Flatbread

Perhaps the most widely recognized Middle Eastern food is falafel. The fried balls made of chickpeas, onions and spices make for a tasty appetizer or light vegetarian meal. Falafel makes a great sandwich inside pita bread with veggies. Vegetarian or not, this is one addictive dish.

Falafel is a chick pea patty, which is flavoured with herbs, spices and vegetables. It looks like our own Medu vada and is usually served with Pita bread, hummus and Tahini sauce. Falafel in a pita started out as Egyptian but was popularized by the Israelis and is now popularly known as Middle Eastern or Arabic street food.
Falafel with flat bread

25 Jan 2015

Mum's Magic

After  three months of constant studying,living on crappy mess food, surviving through a month long exams, am back home for 2 months vacation. Nothing better than mom's food to help recover post exam fatigue :P And my sweetheart  mom has pampered me to no end !!! :)
 I get my love for cooking from her and this time she took it to a whole new level! She outdid herself trying to make new things for me.
Milkshakes, falafel, pizzas, burgers, kebabs, biryani oh the list can go on(all home made)

Carrot Milkshake

Carrot Milkshake

I hated carrots as a kid. No amount of coaxing,scoldings by my mother could make me eat carrots. then one day she made  me drink this milkshake saying its mango. after that i never said no to carrot milkshake. (Oh I still hate any sabzi made with carrots!! :P)
this rich, creamy milkshake with all the goodness(vitamin A,Fibres) of carrots is super easy to make

12 Jan 2015

Super Moist Vanilla Sponge Cake

Who doesn't love a good ol' slice of cake? Now a perfect sponge cake should be light,fluffy,moist and soft. Bangaloreans would know about Variar Bakery who makes the most amazing sponge cake I've had which is how my love for sponge cake started.
I am a sucker for these cakes either plain or topped with stuff like caramel sauce and whipped cream, chocolate sauce(even better with nutella), ice cream or even condensed milk. I personally love a warm slice with nutella. yum!!

This is the final recipe my mother came up with after tweaking and twisting the numerous recipes she came across and the final out come was this amazing super moist  cake.

Chocolate variant can be made by adding coco powder and a little instant coffee to the same ingredients. I like to add a little extra of both to give it an intense, deep chocolate flavour that is truly decadent. You can even make a frosting of your choice for this.

3 Oct 2014

Festival Bites

Hello readers. I know this is a late update. Sorry for that since I have been quite busy with my studies lately for my upcoming exams. Since I stay in a hostel, I go home once in a month or two so pretty much excited all the time to go home to the comforts of mom made food. This is a photo post about all the yummy food me and my mom made for Ganesh Chaturti. Since we are from Karnataka Stuffed Kadubu(Indian form of momos)  forms an integral part of Ganesh Chaturti celebrations and it is also one of my favorite festival food. slurp!!! Now kadubu is a rice flour based steamed dish. It is eaten as a solid rice flour ball with chutney and ghee or some form of curry(usually chicken). But during festivals usually stuffed ones are made both savoury and sweet which are equally mouthwatering.

Good ol' fresh Banana Leaves 

Virgin Mojito

Hello again :)
So this post is about one of the most loved mocktail. I was introduced to mocktails by one  my close friends and I totally loved  it. While people who consume alcohol have a large variety of cocktails to experiment with, others might feel there aren't many options when that is not the case. Paired with right food, mocktails can make your food taste even better. Very easy to make and so refreshing that you would want to keep having more of them.